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Lindsay "Waddo" Waddington 

Renee is an inspiration to everyone she meets. She is growing as an artist with every performance and continues to amaze audiences wherever she goes. With her self belief and drive the sky is the limit.

Waddo 👍


Luke O'Shea

Renee is passion personified!

Her pure love of music transcends any physical boundaries or road blocks and I am sincerely inspired by her focus & friendship!

Luke 😊👍❤️

Col Finley

It's always a privilege to have Renee on our show her passion in her performance is always something that draws you into her song. I'm proud to work with her and be her friend and wish Renee all the success in the future.


Sara Storer 

Renee may be little in size, but busts out a big voice on stage. Her songs are heartfelt, courageous and fun. Good luck with the new album Renee and keep following your dreams.


Brooke McClymont

Renee has a beautiful and powerful voice 

Brooke 💕 💕

Kerry Kennedy

For the last few years, I have had the pleasure of working with this amazing young lady. Her passion for music and her drive to succeed, will ensure her future in this industry. I wish her all the best in her musical journey.


Luella Widt

Renee has a beautiful powerful voice and a great passion for music 🎶 she is also super supportive to her peers.

Luella 😚 💕

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